King Waterproofing & Foundation Solutions

Foundation Repair Through Helical Piering

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Structural Integrity

King Waterproofing and Foundation Solutions is at the forefront of offering cutting-edge, yet cost-effective helical piering solutions for foundational repair. Helical piers, adorned with helical plates welded onto the pier shaft, are integral in transferring the structural weight seamlessly to the pier, ensuring stability and resilience.

Helical Piering Applications

With the adaptability to be installed vertically, helical piering is instrumental in halting the downward movement of foundations. It is the quintessential solution for underpinning building additions, decks, and supporting posts, ensuring they remain steadfast and durable. When applied horizontally in a tieback application, helical piers are pivotal in counteracting lateral movement of structures, fortifying them against potential shifts and instabilities.

Available in diverse sizes to meet an array of load requirements, helical piers can be extended to reach load-bearing soils, ensuring each project’s unique needs are addressed with precision and efficiency.

Intrinsic Design Advantages of Helical Piering

  • Easy Mobilization: Their compact design makes helical piers an optimal choice for limited access areas. They can be swiftly and efficiently installed using handheld motors, bobcats, or mini-excavators, ensuring that even the most constrained spaces are adequately fortified.
  • Minimal Soil Excavation & Recompaction: The helical piering technique stands out for reducing the need for extensive soil excavation, ensuring your landscape remains largely undisturbed. It eliminates the need for soil displacement and avoids the creation of spoils, preserving the aesthetic and structural integrity of your surroundings.
  • Immediate Support: Helical piers are synonymous with immediate results. Once installed, they provide instantaneous support, eliminating the waiting period associated with the curing of concrete materials. Your structure is immediately fortified, enhancing project timelines and efficiency.

Certified Helical Piering Experts at Your Service

Our team of certified Helical Pier Foundation Systems installers is armed with the expertise to ensure every helical piering project is executed with precision, quality, and efficiency. We adhere to stringent industry standards, ensuring that every installation amplifies the structural integrity and resilience of your building.

Embrace a world where structural stability is uncompromised. Our helical piering solutions are tailored to infuse resilience, durability, and peace of mind, ensuring your structure stands the test of time, nature, and operational demands.

Our Helical Pier Foundation Systems installers are certified.