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Reliable Foundation Repair in Fort Madison, IA

Do you see cracks in your home’s foundation or uneven floors and walls? At Fort Madison Foundation Repair, we specialize in providing quality foundation repair solutions for homeowners in Fort Madison, Iowa, and nearby areas.

Our skilled foundation repair contractors have the experience, training, and leading-edge equipment to quickly diagnose foundation problems and implement effective repairs. We offer:

✓ Foundation crack repairs

✓ Bowed and leaning wall correction

✓ Slab jack piering to level settled slabs

✓ Drainage solutions

✓ Full foundation replacement (if needed)

✓ FREE inspection and estimate

Foundation Problems

We’ve discovered that many foundation problems stem from poor or weak soil conditions around homes, substandard construction materials, or improper building techniques during property development. In Fort Madison, various factors like fluctuating water tables, rainfall, and melting snow contribute to these issues, affecting basements.
At King WPFS Foundation Repair, our team comprises experts equipped to handle all foundation repair concerns. Whether it’s addressing settlement, bowed walls, cracks in foundation floors or walls, basement wall leaks, basement waterproofing, and more, we’re prepared to provide effective solutions

We also provide a transferable lifetime warranty on all foundation repairs.


  • Locally Owned and Operated Company
  • Highly-trained Trained technicians
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Advanced Equipment for Precision Leveling
  • No Subcontractors; All Work Done In-House

Contact Fort Madison Foundation Repair today to schedule your free estimate from our highly experienced foundation repair experts!