Helical Piering

Helical piers have helical plates that are welded onto the shaft of the pier. The helical plates transfer the weight of the structure to the pier.

Helical piers can be installed vertically to stop downward movement of a foundation or to support posts beneath building additions and decks. Helical piers can also be installed horizontally in a tieback application to stop lateral movement of the structure.

Helical piers are available in a variety of sizes to achieve varying load requirements. They have the flexibility to be extended as far as needed to reach load-bearing soils.

Design Advantages of Helical Piers

  • Easy to Mobilize: Helical piers are ideal for limited access areas, easily installed using a handheld motor, a bobcat or mini-excavator when necessary.

  • Soil Excavation & Recompaction: Helical piers reduce the need for mass excavation and disturbance to your landscape. No need to displace the soil and helical piers do not create spoils.

  • Immediate Results: Helical piers provide immediate support upon installation. There is no curing time for any concrete materials.


Our Helical Pier Foundation Systems installers are certified.

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