The Problem

Could your home fall apart at the seams, literally? When problems such as cracks, gaps, or misalignment occur, it means foundation settlement. Settlement happens nearly everywhere in North America, to every home, in varying degrees. While these issues should be a cause of concern to a homeowner, they can be repaired with greater ease and reliability by the professionals at Tri-State Concrete.

The simple fact is, foundation problems happen. A number of factors are contributors including soil shifting, weather elements, and age of structure, among others. Tri-State Concrete provides expertise and complete service in the areas of foundation assessment and repair. How will you know when it’s time to contact us for an initial evaluation? A simple walk-through on your own will effectively start the process. Look for any significant signs of the following:

  • Visible foundation cracks
  • Cracks in concrete, brick, or drywall
  • Floors that appear to slope
  • Gaps in unintended areas, such as chimney
  • Bowing walls in basement areas
  • Visible water damage
  • Doors or windows that stick or don’t open properly


The Solution

The only permanent way to repair a foundation that is settling or sinking is to transfer the weight of the structure or home to solid soil that may be several layers below the existing foundation. This process will, in most cases, immediately reverse the structural damage. It will prevent the issues from becoming worse, and provide renewed stability for decades to come.


Helical Pier Foundation Systems

The process of helical anchoring provides a stable base that extends from the foundation of your home to solid soil below. Helical anchor systems are installed by actually “screwing” the anchor into the ground next to the foundation until a calculated amount of torque is reached. The anchors are load-tested to a force greater than required to ensure that they have enough resistance capacity to lift and stabilize the foundation. Adjustable brackets are attached to the base of the foundation. Once the brackets are connected to the anchor, the weight of the home is effectively shifted to the anchor. This process repositions foundations, walls and floors and retains them from further movement.

Helical Pier Foundation Systems may be installed only by contractors who have been certified by the A.B. Chance Company. Since 1912, Chance has been the international leader in earth anchoring. Chance helical piers are used worldwide to secure residential and commercial buildings, tower foundations, heavy equipment foundations and many other deep foundation applications. Engineered for dependability and long-term stability, Chance helical piers feature exclusive anchoring techniques, tools, designs and sizes that make other foundation methods a thing of the past. Approved by all national building code agencies, Chance helical piers are your first line of defense against poor soil conditions, landslides, floods and time.


Resistance Pier Foundation Systems

The process of resistance piering provides a stable base that extends from the foundation of your home to the bedrock below. It creates a system of underpinning directly to the most solid layer of earth below your structure, and provides reliable and long-lasting relief to issues that occur on less stable soil layers.

A homeowner’s primary concerns with resistance pier systems should be quality and durability of components used, and knowledge of installation providers. Tri-State Concrete is a leading company in resistance piering, providing you peace of mind that the job is completed correctly the first time. We also use galvanized steel components for a lifetime of durability.

Atlas Systems is the leading manufacturer in Steel Foundation Support Products and Equipment. Atlas Foundation Systems have been used to underpin, tieback, anchor and provide deep foundations for numerous types of structures and a variety of soils. Atlas Systems has a Dealer Network that consists of over 80 dealers across the country. Approximately one-quarter of the dealers have been with us for over 10 years. When Atlas adds a dealer to the team, they look for people who share their philosophy of doing business. An important part of this criteria states that the dealer must have a high level of experience, responsive service to consumers, and strong reputability in the market. Atlas Systems offers its dealers a diverse product line that will meet the needs of any structural repair scenario.

Tri-State Concrete has proudly earned the designation of being the exclusive Chance and Atlas Systems dealer in virtually each of our current markets. This requires a rigorous approval process that many companies contend for. We are honored to represent Atlas Systems, and make it our mission to continue to provide only the best products from the best manufacturers in the structural repair industry.

We provide complete basement waterproofing, foundation repair and concrete correction solutions for the cities of Quincy, IL, Hannibal, MO, Macomb, IL, Monmouth, IL, Kirksville, MO, Shelbyville, MO,  Keokuk, IA, Ft. Madison, IA, Burlington, IA and all towns in between.