The Problem

Another sign of a foundation problem is a bowed or leaning foundation wall. This problem will jeopardize the integrity of the entire structure if not corrected. Bowed or leaning walls happen when foundations shift in unstable soil, or when the surrounding soil swells and puts great pressure against the wall.


The Solution for Bowed or Leaning Poured Concrete Foundation Walls

This problem is corrected by machine drilling anchors through the interior (most often) side of the wall at a downward angle into the surrounding soil. Once the minimum depth is reached, the anchors are immediately load tested. This process pulls the wall back into place using the force of the anchor to support and hold the weight of the wall. The installation can happen in almost any type of weather and in limited access areas with conventional drilling equipment.

Tiebacks and soil nails can also be installed in many commercial applications, such as retaining walls, levees and dams. This pre-engineered system will save time, money and improve job schedules! Tri-State installs Chance Tieback anchors, which have the same practical advantages of Chance Helical anchors. Chance Tiebacks have predictable holding strength in all types of soils. |

We provide complete basement waterproofing, foundation repair and concrete correction solutions for the cities of Quincy, IL, Hannibal, MO, Macomb, IL, Monmouth, IL, Kirksville, MO, Shelbyville, MO,  Keokuk, IA, Ft. Madison, IA, Burlington, IA and all towns in between.